Husky World is awesome multichain collection of 4444 lovely husky dogs on Solana and Aptos that gives you access to the most powerful NFT products, tools and holders rewards. We build long term value utilities and the most tight-knit community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build consistent, long-term value for our holders. We focused on development, community growth, innovations and members prosperity. We want to build the most tight-knit and empowered community of NFT and crypto lovers who passionate about learning, growing and earning in Web3.

We believe in the power of Web3 and its ability to bridge gaps, to link anyone and anywhere to decentralized web of opportunities. 

We create knowledge, develop skills and make connections. Our mission is to facilitate this gap-closing as much as we can. This fundamentally means connecting people to ourselves, and one another.

We build community-focused project with DAO with confidence, consistency and transparency, establishing an elite brand for our community that is here to stay. We are always looking for opportunities to grow the community and take our financial responsibility to the brand, team and our collectors very seriously.

Our DAO is the place where unique minds merge, come together, earn and create a respectful and loving place that anyone can call home.


Each Husky dog is unique. Find the rarest ones among 4444 possible combinations with 220 traits!

  • Img 4713
    60% – Common
  • 2582
    20% – Rare
  • 1303
    15% – Epic
  • 12
    5% – Legendary


  • 1


    Create talented team of devs, artists, team moderators and collab managers passionate about our project.

    Launch website, Twitter, Discord, write roadmap and white paper.

    Build solid community of NFT lovers and investors.

  • 2


    Grow and boost our community with marketing campaign.

    Reward our members for contribution in our community with whitelists and special roles with benefits.

    Boost our project with twitter raids of top influencers.

    Collaborate with leading communities, best known DAOs, advisors and influencers in NFT world to build brand awareness, create partnerships and grow organically.

  • 3


    Launch mint when our mint day comes.

    List our collection on all marketplaces just after sold out.

    Create liquidity pool for our collection for instant sales.

    Raised money from our mint will be used for building our products, tools and utilities, holders rewards and our future projects.

  • 4

    Building our DAO

    We run holders verification service.

    We create holders roles who have more our NFT with extra benefits.

    We run holders chat where we decide our future plans and investments.

    We run holders suggestions where can suggest together and vote for DAO suggestions.

    We run listings alert service.

    We run sales alert service.

    We run rarity checker service.

    Our holders will get access to whitelist sales for all our future collections.

    We run plenty number of Discord bots in our server for our holders with many useful commands for current market analysis and analytics.

  • 5

    Run DAO tools

    We run list alert service.

    We run sale alert service.

    We run rarity checker service.

    We run floor price, volumes and listing checker service.

    We run NFT Profit calculator service.

    We run Solana TPS checker service.

    We run Fox Token Market info checker.

    We run prices and listings checker of all tokens in a SOL wallet.

    We run Hello Moon info tracker.

    We provide alpha-calls for new minting projects that we also going to mint and invest.

    We provide our analytics, news and insights from NFT world.

  • 6

    Run NFT schedule tools

    We run channels with all daily mints and tomorrow mints so you can easily track and find high quality mints.

    We run channel with time scheduled list of all daily mints.

    We run channel with daily mints schedule with votes from popular DAOs and communities so you can easily find hyped mints.

    We run channel with one hour mints so you can join all new mints easily.

    We run channel with the list of top upvoted mints on Magic Eden.

    We run channel with new LaunchMyNFT monitor catches every new mint that appears on LMNFT.

    We run channel with LaunchMyNFT free mints monitor catches every new free mint that appears on LMNFT.

  • 7

    Run NFT live mints tools

    We run LaunchMyNFT mint finder channel that shows new mints that just started at LaunchMyNFT.

    We run new Magic Eden mint finder channel shows new mints that just started at Magic Eden.

    We run LaunchMyNFT activity monitor channel that shows current activity of all mints at LaunchMyNFT.

    We run Magic Eden activity monitor channel that shows current activity of all mints at Magic Eden.

    We run mint finder monitor channel that shows every minted collection per 1 minute and showing all with the links.

    We run 15 minute tracker channel that tracks mints that have been minted more than 50 times in the last 15 minutes and keep updating them nonstop.

    We run LaunchMyNFT moving mints monitor channel that alerts you of every LaunchMyNFT mint that's past 50%+.

  • 8

    Run secondary sales tools

    We run channel with new listings monitor on Magic Eden.

    We run channel with new listings monitor on Coral Cube.

    We run trending channel where you can track in real time all sales that have been made in last 15 minutes for every Solana collection.

    We run Magic Eden volumes trackers channel that shows the most popular Magic Eden NFTs over the past 5 minutes with the highest volumes.

    We run 5 minute, 15 minutes and 1h popular collection monitor that shows top 5 most popular collections on Magic Eden for 5 minutes with floor price, amount of sales and collection link.

    We run movers tracker channel for listing drops and sale spikes.

    We run moving monitor channel that alert you when a recently listed collection starts to pick up volume.

    We run whale tracker channel for tracking that big influencers are buying, selling or listing on secondary markets.

    We run wallet watcher channel where we track listings and sales of top Solana influencers.

    We run the under-cutter monitor channel.

    We run the rarity steals monitor monitors every listing posted that is epic and legendary ranks.

    We run AI Signals accurate and has 90%+ win rate.

  • 9

    Run volume trackers tools

    We run volume trackers channels for all Solana sales in real time for different time ranges.

  • 10

    Run NFT information tools

    We run channel with news from NFT world.

    We run degen news twitter mirror channel.

    We run Twitter monitor channel where you can track tweets from the top influencers.

    We run YouTube monitor channel from top bloggers.

  • 11

    Run crypto tools

    We run private channel with VIP crypto signals.

    We run private channel with crypto news.

    We run private channel with daily fear and greed index updates.

    We run private channel with new crypto listings alerts.

    We run channel with Famous Fox Federation new tokens alerts. 

  • 12

    Run educational courses

    We run for our holders educational courses and materials that help them to get comprehensive information about investing in NFT and building their own NFT collections. 

  • 13

    Our products

    We launch our token $BEAR. 

    We run staking platform for our collection with token $BEAR daily rewards.

    We run raffles platform with regular raffles for our holders for our $BEAR token.

    We run auctions platform with regular auctions for our holders for our $BEAR token.

    We run SOL raffles with blue chips NFTs on FFF raffle platform.

    We become Automated Market Maker and provide liquidity for our collections.

    We run our decentralized marketplace where you can buy and sell any NFT our $BEAR token or for SOL.

    We create world class merchandise for our collections. 

    We run casino games: CoinFlip, Dice, Rock Paper Scissors, Roulette.

    We run our CoinFlip Discord bot.

    We develop and run WEB3 crypto escrow service and provide manually escrow.

    We run WEB3 recruitment service.

    We run sniper tool for our holders.

    We develop our own media website with latest alpha-calls and calendar for new mints and secondary market.

    We develop NFT mobile apps.

    We develop minting bot and get access to it to our holders.

    We create liquidity pool for $BEAR token and the possibility to exchange $BEAR to any crypto.

    We develop our launchpad and help other Solana projects to launch and mint.


Holder rewards

We build long term value products that generate income for us which we share with our holders in nft raffles and nft auctions for our native $BEAR token.

Our holders get profit from:

    • Mint income.
    • Secondary market royalties income.
    • Automated Market Maker income from fees on hadeswap.
    • SOL raffles income from top Solana blue chips NFT
    • Our decentralized marketplace income.
    • Our merch shipping income.
    • Our casino games fees income.
    • Our crypto escrow service fees income.


  • 2428
    Alex Packer

    Alex is passionate about trading cryptocurrencies and Web3 ecosystems. He's adept of Solana blockhain what is the perfect place to create lasting community and invest in upcoming and promising projects. He's professional in building brands, creating communities, art history and branding. He has vast experience in creating Solana collections with strategic experience in building global projects. 

  • 3612

    Julia has a wealth of experience in creating popular NFT collections. She has diverse exper of global creative projects including illustration for established companies. She's professional in using graphic and illustration tools and generating NFT art. She works also for artworks for website design, company promotions and further utility enhancements. She has been in the NFT space for many years and developed a passion for working with them.

  • Main

    As moderator Lekky helps us in building community and moderate our Discord. He will organize meetings with our members and ensure all the team is focused on their assigned roles. He also manage our channels in our Discord and in charge of future recruitment efforts. Lekky brings experience working in a leading NFT collection projects for established international teams. 

  • 4152

    Harby is a certified moderator who aims to bringing the best work for our community and our project. He has a lot of experience in NFT world with building and supporting large NFT communities. He constantly bring new ideas and initiatives for the growth of our server. He's very outspoken and strict at following instructions. 

  • 2625
    Chatter Leader

    Cambridge has three years experience in running crypto communities and has adequately equipped in moderating, maintaining and building NFT servers. He worked in series of Solana projects and has high level of competency, consistency, patience and endurance. He possess a high level of communication skills and respond effectively to all questions of our members.

  • 1463
    Chatter Leader

    Sofiah has huge experience in working as moderator, community manager and chatter leader in many discord servers including a gamefi projects. She has proven her ability to manage the workflow of both the back and front of any project she worked for. Sofiah is very effective communicator and also help has extensive knowledge and insight in providing and promoting this project bringing more members in our community. 

  • 640
    Chatter Leader

    Harkinz has a great experience at staff management, communicating with community, helping and giving the right information to the community so they can understand better goals our project. He is strict with the rules and is cool with all members who wants to give back to the community. Harkinz also helps our moderators get rid of the spammers and make the community a better place for members to play on. 

  • 12
    Rage NFT
    Collab Checker

    Rage is a very experienced collaboration manager. He worked with 20+ successful projects and has a wealth of experience in making collaborations with other projects and checking them. He is focused on growing our community in Discord with premium and quality collaborations with social media marketing.

  • 553
    LaunchMyNFT Team

    LaunchMyNFT is the fast growing launchpad platform and comprehensive end-to-end solution. Team of LaunchMyNFT are entrepreneurs, developers and our guides. They help us to to launch our project and quickly solve any technical problems and support constant stability of our project. They bring extensive industry experience in development of Solana projects in all stages. LaunchMyNFT is our trusted partner in high volume, best-in-class NFT live minting. They give us full service support from the frontend website to mint, smart contract and more.